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We can offer a great alternative to barbecues or buffet meals for your private and business parties, company events, wedding parties, family, friends' or neighbourhood events, as well as for Christmas, St.-Nicholas or New Year celebrations:

freshly fried chips and snacks, sauces, chopped onions and assorted bite-sized snacks or freshly baked pancakes. We bring our chip or pancake van to your door to let all your guests eat as much as they like!!!

Our prices are very reasonable.

How do we work?

Our chip and/or pancake van arrives at an agreed time, ready to start cooking. Within 10 minutes you can feast on freshly fried chips and snacks (8 different varieties) and/or various pancakes.

Our chip vans come with two folding tables on which we set out assorted sauces (approx. 8 varieties) and chopped onions for your guests to add the finishing touches to their snacks or chips. We expect everyone to be present when we start cooking and to come and eat at our van together: the more the merrier. The length of time we stay parked depends on size of the group. Once the main meal is completed, we will pass around bite-sized snacks, to fill up any gaps. We can alse leave some plates with these bite-sized snacks on the tables if you want. We can also cater to special wishes by providing bread rolls and various salads.

If you are looking for something for an entire evening, our self-cooking service may be the right option for you.

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