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Friture Vogels would like to offer you with the possibility of hosting a chip or pancake night/afternoon for your residents and/or staff. Due to space constraints or high personnel costs, many institutions find it hard to enable their residents to enjoy freshly fried chips, snacks, or pancakes together, in a pleasant atmosphere.

  • Most residents do not go to snack bars or pancake restaurants anymore, but they would still love to have chips or pancakes once a month.
  • The costs are lower than the cost of a regular meal (approx. € 2 for a portion of chips and a snack; plain pancakes start at € 3).
  • Our service hardly requires any preparations by your staff.
  • Our service adds a festive touch to special days such as Christmas or carnival etc.

We are currently providing this special catering service to several customers in our home region. Our regular clientele comprises St. Marie (a group of institutions for children with special needs) and the Ananz health care group.

Call or mail us if you have any further questions or if you would like more information, free of obligation. You can also view some further details and photos on this website.