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Schools & associations

Are you looking for suitable catering for a school camp or a club event? Or are you celebrating a special event such as a 25th wedding anniversary, a Christmas party, carnival, a staff member's retirement, a sports day or an outing. Or do you have another reason for serving food to your guests in a relaxed atmosphere?

We can supply one portion of chips and a snack for approx. € 2 a person.

Our prices are calculated as follows: a 2.5-kg bag of chips is € 11 (for approx. 10 regular or 6 large portions or anything in between). This is calculated to provide you with a mixture of small and large portions.

Snacks are € 1 each, you can choose from a frikadel (a deep-fried sausage), meat croquette or a kaassoufflé (deep-fried, bread-crumbed cheese). You do not have to specify your selection in advance. We prepare the food on-site, as required. Extra chips and snacks can be prepared as long as we are present.

A few conditions: Some responsible adults or supervisors are expected to help serve the chips and snacks. To keep our prices as low as possible, we will be parked for about half an hour, depending on the size of the group.

We can cook chips and snacks for around 500 people per hour per vehicle. The price for school parties for primary school children is approx. € 1.80 per child. This is an average price, not a fixed price.

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We work on the basis of a minimum purchase amount (€ 150 + € 15) on week days; this also applies to weekends at farm campsites on our list of group accommodations.

You have to obtain the relevant permits yourself if your event is held on public grounds!